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Blue Orchid Books is a Blog I formed because firstly, I love reading and secondly, I am often asked by friends for book recommendations. As a reader who loves books and loves to share them with my friends, it is always such a great thing when someone comes to you for a new book to read.

I mostly read books that are considered Young Adult Novels. The genres I often read are urban fantasy and paranormal romance, but i often enjoy a Historical fiction/romance ( Think the other boleyn girl!) I love to read books that are series, i feel almost unsatisfied now when I read only one book.

 I read about 3 books a week, on average. I have my account on GoodReads and that lead to more networking with other readsers! I'm really excited to have just joined NetGalley and been given access to Advanced Reader Copies (ARC) of soon-to-be published books and can not wait to start bloging about them. This lead me to finally break down and buy a Kindle, though I will always be a Book girl at heart, that will never change!! Reading is something I really enjoy doing and it seems like this is the best way to connect with other readers who love books just as mush as I do, So Enjoy my litle labor of love!!! :)

Policy: I review books for free that I have either purchased myself or received as an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) from NetGalley.com or the Author/Publisher directly. I am not a writer, editor nor do I pretend to be. I'm a Therapist who loves to read. My opinions are based on the fact that I am a consumer of a product or rather a reader of your stories. I do this on my own time because I love to. Again I receive no compensaton for my review and the review is in no way influenced by the pulisher/author. If you contact me for a Review there is no guarantee that I will complete a review after receiving a copy of the book. If you would like me to review a book for you you can contact me at Sprkle284@aol.com or write me a message on GoodReads..


5 STARS: OMG, i seriously love this book. It was so good I'm walking around with a hangover and furiously texting all my friends to read it, like now!!!

4 STARS: This book was pretty awesome, but it was missing something that could bring it into the realm of extraordinary, but I'm still telling people to read this.

3 STARS: This book was good, is it awesome? Not really but good none the less, major issues with a plot/charecter usually results in this score.

2 STARS: Yeah, this book sucked. I'm not gonna be telling people to read this anytime soon and the fact that I finished it is probably a miracle!

1 STAR: WTF WAS THAT and how can i erase it from my mind?!

Exception to these scores: The Love Triangle. God i hate love triangles! They're everywhere in novels these days, some are used to move the plot forward, some are there for no reason what-so-ever but to have a love triangle in the book! It's frustrating and annoying as far as I am concerned, so i have instituted a mandatory "-1 star" for all love triangles I deem un-necessary and obnoxious! Hey, its my rating so i can do whatever i want :p

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