Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Surviving Book Con..

If this is your first year attending Book Con well I have some pointers for you, Sure! Well I usually go to BEA and last year was the first year of BookCon and it was really scary. They over sold it by thousands of people and the Fire Marshall almost had to shut it down. So I would be prepared for large crowds and to make sure you have a meet up point with friends. I'm not kidding. Lol. Um this year BEA is not sharing the floor with BookCon, it is finishing the day before so they are saying the over crowding will not be a problem but I will still play it really safe. It was so crowded last year people couldn't get into panels. 

What I do every year is make an extremely detailed schedule and then highlight who is a must see. Some people spent all day in panels and couldn't even get to the autographing area. Make sure you plan out who you want to see and check early if they are lining people up for that person because they had lines forming 2 hours before a person was scheduled to sign. Wear sneakers. Bring food and water and a phone charger and your schedule. but I honestly can't stress how important it is to plan a head make a schedule get their early and map out the floor..

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